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Transforming Taxes,
Together as a Family

Neves Tax Service officially began in 1978, after Army Veteran Jose L. Neves SR learned that as a restaurant dishwasher working in Imperial Beach making below minimum wage, he was paying a higher effective income tax rate than former President Ronald Reagan. Jose SR did not understand why someone earning so minimal could end up paying a higher income tax rate than a very wealthy individual, and consequently, has spent the last 40+ years continually educating himself on Federal and State tax laws while providing income tax preparation, tax representation, and small business advisement to clientele throughout the USA and beyond.

This Is How We Started


Jose SR. began developing competencies in tax law and being able to complete taxes for friends and family as a hobby while attending UCSD and working for the DOD.


After a 22 year Civil Service Career with the DOD, Jose SR transitions full time with taxes


Due to overwhelming client satisfaction & word of mouth recommendations, Neves Tax reached a concurrent clientele of 500+


Jose SR. continues to provide the same quality service since day 1 that his clientele have come to love.


     Jose Luis Neves, EA (Jose Sr.) is an Enrolled Agent with 40+ years of experience in income tax preparation/representation and business advisement.

     Jose passed all three parts of the Special Enrollment Examination (SEE) and background checks in 2013 to become an Enrolled Agent, the highest tax designation awarded by the Department of the Treasury through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  Previously a 35+ year registered preparer with the California Tax Education Council (CTEC) and the local Southern California Tax Professionals (SCTP) chapter, Jose is currently a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), and the California Society of Enrolled Agents (CSEA). 


     Jose takes a straightforward approach to tax preparation/representation, focusing on the practical and relevant pieces of information related to the client's advisement need.  Rather than pretend to have all the answers, Jose provides a platform for the average taxpayer(s) to further understand his/her specific tax scenario and better position the individual(s)/entity for future tax and financial considerations.  His past professional education and experience in the fields of loan origination and real estate have aided him in assisting thousands with tax and business advisement over his career. 


After immigrating to the US from Mexico at the age of ten, Jose lived in Imperial Beach before joining the US Army at nineteen, afterward doing coursework at UCSD while working before commencing a twenty-two-year civil service career with the Department of Defense at Naval Air Station North Island. 

Jose L. Neves SR

     Jose L. Neves II, EA (Jose II/Jr.) became an Enrolled Agent in 2012 and has 10 years of experience in tax preparation/representation.  He was also previously a member of Southern California Tax Professionals (SCTP) and CSEA, and is currently an NAEA member.  Jose II has an adaptive approach to tax and business considerations, utilizing first-rate technology and research techniques to determine the most beneficial strategy based on the totality of the situation.  He is fulfilled by providing a valuable service in an efficient manner to his clients.  Jose II has an Associate Degree (A.A.) in Transfer Studies from Southwestern College and has taken undergraduate Philosophy coursework at UC Berkeley.

     During the prior five offseasons (May-January) of 2017-2021, he has contracted as a Tax Analyst Programmer at Intuit (San Diego campus), where he develops, tests, and works in conjunction with the software engineers and tax compliance team to ensure the proprietary tax filing product is compliant with all applicable Federal & State tax laws.


     Unlike Attorneys or CPAs (Accountants), who are limited to practice in their state of examination, Enrolled Agents (EAs) are specialized tax practitioners federally licensed by the U.S. Treasury Department to prepare tax returns and represent the US taxpayers before the IRS throughout the globe.  We are admitted to practice before the IRS/State tax agencies in all areas, including the examination (audit), collections (lien/levy), and administrative appeals processes.


Jose L. Neves JR

Our mission is to save you money and provide peace of mind by offering the highest caliber tax and business advisement services.

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