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Managing Your Taxes Can Be Hard. We Make It Easier.

     Year-round income tax preparation, IRS/State tax representation, tax planning, and small business consultation. At this time we specialize in small business/self-employed, military/law-enforcement,  and real estate investment returns.


     While tax preparation is our specialty, previous knowledge and experience in other fields such as real estate and loan origination puts us in a unique position to assist our clients.  As a result we love to share these valuable pieces of info and welcome questions related to the tax implications of other important life decisions.


     Please note services such as start-up consultations and retirement tax planning are generally scheduled May-December after the busy January-April tax preparation season.

Income Tax Preparation

Individual, LLC, Corporate, Trust, and Estate current and prior year(s) federal and state income tax return preparation and electronic filing (out-of-state available); amended returns, part-year/nonresidents, non-filers, expatriates, and FBAR filers as well.

Tax Agency Correspondence

With authorization, we can communicate on your behalf to both Federal (Internal Revenue Service) and California (Franchise Tax Board) or applicable State tax agencies regarding identity theft, incorrect refund offset or assessment of tax, and other tax issues.

Tax return

Retirement Tax Planning 


Retirement tax considerations include effective allocation between retirement earnings and social security benefits, economical "market-timing" of capital (stock)/passive (rental) losses, and analyzing efficient social security benefit withdrawal timeline/scenario(s).

Strategic Tax Planning

Certain decisions and life stages which may require tax advisement are: first-time home purchase/refinance, solar/hybrid car investment, marriage/divorce, change in tax dependents, 1031 real estate exchange, payroll to self-employed, bankruptcy, inheritance, investing, etc.

Ready to Make Your Taxes Painless?

Tax Representation

Beyond basic correspondence to tax agencies, we are enrolled to practice before the IRS with unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before all tax arenas, including examination (audit), collections (garnishment, lien/levy), and appeals processes.

Small Business/Start-up Consultation

Start-up/small business consultation includes business entity formation, industry-related federal and state tax requirements, tax planning, cost-effective organizational strategies, and if necessary, a basic financial statement (profit and loss statement).

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